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What we do


Maneblocks holdings (Pty) ltd trading as family Pride is wholly citizen owned company which was legally registered in Botswana 2005. ManeBlocks Holdings kick started in the sorghum milling business in 2005 after acquiring Tsetsebye Mills from A& N Enterprises (PTY) LTD and has grown to become one of the leading companies in the sorghum mill manufacturing. The company is also licensed to supply food products and beverages to both private companies and government. Maneblocks is based in Tsetsebye, which is in Bobirwa sub district (70km east from Selibe Phikwe) of the central district. Tsetsebye mills (trading name for A & Enterprises (PTY) LTD) started business in 1998 as a small scale operation funded through financial Assistance Policy (FAP). Initially, the turnover was in the region of P5000, 00 per month. The plant was then located in Tsetsebye village. The company the entered an agreement with Welcome Cash & Carry(part of the world group) and selling directly to them. The business gradually increased its production over time. In 2002, the business relocated its operation to the current location, which is a farm 3km from tsetsebye village. The business upgraded its operation on 2004 through a loan CEDA. Peo Holdings got interested in the business in 2005and approached the owners of tsetsebye Mills to provide them with the financial assistance as well as the equity. This gave birth to Maneblocks Holdings. It was at this time that business began to grow in leaps and bounds saw the turnover rising to over P18 000 000 (million) annually. Deliveries of our products are made to most parts of the country.

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The Company's main objectives are as follows:

  • To become a nationwide supplier of sorghum meal in the next five years.
  • To generate a return on investment of at least 35% every year.

    To provide quality supply and services of food  products to both the private companies and the government.


  • The vision of the company is to ensure that all its products reach every table of household in Botswana.
  • Family Pride exists to provide a reliable source of nourishment to the people of Botswana.
  • To be a significant partner with Botswana Government in its food security endeavors in Botswana for its populace.


    The keys to success for the business are as follows;

  • Produce consistent high quality product
  • Maintain a technologically advanced plant.
  • Maintaining a well-trained and motivated human resource force.
  • Maintain an adequate working capital for procuring raw sorghum.


  • Commitment
  • Sustainable approach
  • Honesty
  • Efficiency

Brief company description

Maneblocks Holdings (Pty) Ltd trades as Family Pride and has been in business since 1998 as it acquired Tsetsejwe Mills from A&N Enterprises in 2005. The Company manufactures sorghum meal from milling raw sorghum. The Company is based in Tsetsejwe, which is in Bobirwa sub district (70km to east from Selibe-Phikwe) of the Central District.



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