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Maneblocks Holdings (Pty) Ltd trades as Family Pride and has been in business since 1998 as it acquired Tsetsejwe Mills from A&N Enterprises in 2005. The Company manufactures sorghum meal from milling raw sorghum. The Company is based in Tsetsejwe, which is in Bobirwa sub district (70km to east from Selibe-Phikwe) of the Central District.

The company then entered into an agreement with some of the biggest whole salers in Botswana and were selling directly to them. The business gradually increased its production over time.
In 2002, the business relocated its operation to the current location, which is farm 3km from Tsetsejwe village. The business upgraded its operation in 2004 through a loan from CEDA. The Company was still selling to those wholesalers.
One other company got interested in the business in 2005 and approached the owners of Tsetsejwe Mills to provide them with financial assistance as well as equity. This gave birth to Maneblocks Holdings.
Maneblocks engaged the services of a sole agent to distribute its products to the customers in 2006. Under this model, all finished product was transported to the agent who in turn would distribute to Maneblocks' customers.
In 2007, the directors decided to change the distribution model of using an agent as it was not sustainable. Under the new model, the product was distributed directly to Maneblocks customers. The Company's performance immediately improved as the gross profit margin improved from a mere 3.6% to 14.7% in 2007 operating results. The performance continued to improve in 2008 with the gross profit margin reaching a sustainable level of 19%.


Modise Jeremiah
Mr Modise Jeremiah is a seasoned entrepreneur having been engaged in a number of businesses since 1998 and the notable one include sorghum milling project which has an annual turnover of over P18 million. He is also engaged in the business of horticultural production.

Prior to going into business he worked for a number of years at BAMB where he held managerial positions.

The company is made up of three people in senior management positions, namely being one managing director, Mr Jeremiah Modise, who is incharge of development of new businesses, operations, strategic directions and planning of the company.
One accountant who is also responsible to keep the company’s accurate financial records, analyze and report the company’s financial status,  also responsible for the human resources department and the general office administration being assisted by the sales and marketing personnel, and one production manager incharge of the production, managing and supervision at mill and the factory workers.
Also, there is one sales and marketing individual who is responsible for the marketing and selling of the products to the consumers, coming up with new ideas on how the products can be sold better to the consumers, making sure that the Family Pride brand is protected and well known to the consumers and also assisting the accountant with the general office administration.
Lastly, we also have a total of eighteen factory workers working at the factory and two security personnel, both of them working on shifts.

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